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Opticare Rx is NOT insurance. Opticare Rx is a discount program for prescription medications. Members purchase medications at participating pharmacies and receive discounts of approximately 10% to 50%.

WHY OFFER Opticare Rx?

Opticare Rx has one of the nation's largest pharmacy networks. The discounts help combat the ever-increasing cost of prescription medications. Opticare Rx has proven to be a valued enhancement to any existing benefit package. This program has allowed thousands of satisfied members to reduce their family's overall health care expense. Members do not need to be covered under a medical program to utilize the discounts available through Opticare Rx.

The Opticare Rx pharmacy network operates in all 50 states. Contractual agreements with over 55,000 chain and independent pharmacies provide members with easy access to our program. Approved pharmacies have agreed to dispense drugs to Opticare Rx members at the contracted rate or standard cash price, whichever is less. The discount is approximately 10% to 50% per prescription.

The pharmacy network consists of well-known pharmacies such as: Drug Emporium, Eckerd, Kmart, Osco, Revco, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart, as well as a number of independent pharmacies. Additional pharmacies are being added to the network on an on-going basis.

Once the Opticare Rx member fills a prescription at a participating pharmacy, no further paperwork is involved. Payment for prescription medication is made directly to the pharmacist at the best available price (Contracted Rate or Standard Cash Price). Members pay the pharmacy directly for all purchases. There is NO PAPERWORK. Dependents are included at no additional cost.

The Opticare Rx card is all you need to access the lowest available price. Members simply call the toll-free number listed on their membership card or visit www.outlookrx.com for the nearest network pharmacy. One membership card is good for the entire family.

This program is not insurance

It is a discount program. You are responsible for the full cost of any health care services purchased. You will receive discounts for medical services at certain healthcare providers who have contracted with the program. Members have the right to cancel registration within a thirty-day period. This program does not make payments directly to healthcare providers.

A list of all program providers within the prospective cardholder's service area, which includes their name, city and state, and medical specialty is available prior to purchase, upon request. Discounts for hospital services are not available. The discount pharmacy plan is not a Medicare prescription drug plan.

This program is administered by Group Dental Service of Maryland, Inc. (GDS-MD), your Discount Medical Plan Organization, 111 Rockville Pike, Suite 950, Rockville, MD 20850, 1-866-433-6392, www.denexvalue.com. The program and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered.